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Were you ever kissed … by a dog?

book-coverScience proves it! It’s healthy to kiss you furry friend, as it not only makes him wagg his tail faster, it will also provide you with a surge of protective hormones and healthy molecules.

We all know that what we believe in has a direct impact on each and every facet of our lives. But the same goes for our belief when it comes to dogs.
The more we rely on, care for, trust, pet and love our dogs, the more their mere presence affect our health and human biology.
In fact, science shows that the more owners love their dogs, the more health benefits they gain from the dog, not only personally or psychologically, but also physically. Hence, the hormones and molecules that are here to protect you from cardiac, brain and immune diseases are released in higher amounts from your cells, when you interact with a friendly dog as compared to being without a dog. Continue reading