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Get a dog, lose weight

DSC_0022Owning a dog or simply walking someone else’s dog can make you lose weight. Several scientific studies link canine company to weight loss, and among these a one year-long study showed how walking your dog leads to a significant weight loss, without changing diets.

As explained in the book Dogs & Human Health, research shows that a dog provides support in similar ways to a human friend, except that the dog does so with much greater consistency and dedication, and there’s more: the dog does it without any negative influence. Continue reading

Dog walking: A successful prescription for joint pain

dog walkingMany people suffer from joint pain that often robs them of life’s pleasures such as chasing balls across the court, whacking a golf ball or taking a walk in your favorite park. Perhaps jumping into the car or carrying your bag may be a sharp reminder of your bodily limitations. The most frequent causes of joint problems are arthritis, injuries, aging and/or lack of physical activity. Sure, it is very tempting to stay away from exercising, when it causes you pain to move. Yet, the inactivity will weaken your muscles and bones, while the joint pain grows even worse. Continue reading