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A Whine in Time

foto til blog_10Do you know how to meet and greet your pet dog in the very best way?

How do you react when you return home and your dog is happy to see you? Most dog owners do the obvious and natural thing, as they meet and greet their pet in a happy reunion, -one of life’s most joyous moments full of unconditional love and tail wagging.

Yet, some of our time’s most famous dog trainers will tell you to ignore the dog for the first 5-10 minutes after you return home, as -so it is said- this will teach the dog who’s the boss (as if he didn’t know, you are the one to open doors, serve food, arrange walks, drive the car, etc). In its most extreme form, the so-called ‘advice’ for dog owners states: “No talk, No touch, No eye contact”. Continue reading

Trigger Your Vigor

dog healthAny dog owner knows how Fido brings joy and friendship, but not all owners are aware of the physical and psychological health benefits that accompany the pleasure of snuggling up to your furry friend. We not only share our lives with a pet, we are actually being accompanied by a canine coach and therapist.

Hence, the American Heart Association has declared how the ownership of a dog leads to reduced heart disease and lower blood pressure, while longevity and survival are improved.

This is based upon numerous scientific studies that meticulously have explored the health benefits of the human-dog bond.

In fact, when people suffering hypertension adopt a dog, their blood pressure declines significantly within a few months – without the need of medications. Continue reading

Were you ever kissed … by a dog?

book-coverScience proves it! It’s healthy to kiss you furry friend, as it not only makes him wagg his tail faster, it will also provide you with a surge of protective hormones and healthy molecules.

We all know that what we believe in has a direct impact on each and every facet of our lives. But the same goes for our belief when it comes to dogs.
The more we rely on, care for, trust, pet and love our dogs, the more their mere presence affect our health and human biology.
In fact, science shows that the more owners love their dogs, the more health benefits they gain from the dog, not only personally or psychologically, but also physically. Hence, the hormones and molecules that are here to protect you from cardiac, brain and immune diseases are released in higher amounts from your cells, when you interact with a friendly dog as compared to being without a dog. Continue reading