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Having trouble sleeping?

IMG_1074Scientists recently found that more people are sleeping less than 6 hours per night, and sleep problems visit 75% of us every week. A few nights of insomnia are generally nothing to worry about. The bigger concern is chronic sleep loss, which contributes to weight gain, high blood pressure, and a decrease in the immune system’s power.

One major reason for the sleepless nights might be your smartphone or tablet. Actually, the problem is more likely about your obsession with them than the devices themselves. Continue reading

A Whine in Time

foto til blog_10Do you know how to meet and greet your pet dog in the very best way?

How do you react when you return home and your dog is happy to see you? Most dog owners do the obvious and natural thing, as they meet and greet their pet in a happy reunion, -one of life’s most joyous moments full of unconditional love and tail wagging.

Yet, some of our time’s most famous dog trainers will tell you to ignore the dog for the first 5-10 minutes after you return home, as -so it is said- this will teach the dog who’s the boss (as if he didn’t know, you are the one to open doors, serve food, arrange walks, drive the car, etc). In its most extreme form, the so-called ‘advice’ for dog owners states: “No talk, No touch, No eye contact”. Continue reading

Dog walking: A successful prescription for joint pain

dog walkingMany people suffer from joint pain that often robs them of life’s pleasures such as chasing balls across the court, whacking a golf ball or taking a walk in your favorite park. Perhaps jumping into the car or carrying your bag may be a sharp reminder of your bodily limitations. The most frequent causes of joint problems are arthritis, injuries, aging and/or lack of physical activity. Sure, it is very tempting to stay away from exercising, when it causes you pain to move. Yet, the inactivity will weaken your muscles and bones, while the joint pain grows even worse. Continue reading

Hormonally yours

11666045_380929875438042_5400014178970566362_nNobody will listen as patiently and attentively as your dog, no matter how long you pour your heart out.

Your dog is more likely to be a careful listener than any human being, who would often barge in or begin talking about him- or herself.

In fact, dogs are true experts when it comes to reading, sensing, and interpreting humans, be it by our  behavior, body language or emotional reactions, to which dogs respond in several manners by means of their behavior, body language and/or emotional reactions. In other words, dogs match and mimick us like nobody else. Continue reading

Were you ever kissed … by a dog?

book-coverScience proves it! It’s healthy to kiss you furry friend, as it not only makes him wagg his tail faster, it will also provide you with a surge of protective hormones and healthy molecules.

We all know that what we believe in has a direct impact on each and every facet of our lives. But the same goes for our belief when it comes to dogs.
The more we rely on, care for, trust, pet and love our dogs, the more their mere presence affect our health and human biology.
In fact, science shows that the more owners love their dogs, the more health benefits they gain from the dog, not only personally or psychologically, but also physically. Hence, the hormones and molecules that are here to protect you from cardiac, brain and immune diseases are released in higher amounts from your cells, when you interact with a friendly dog as compared to being without a dog. Continue reading