Speaking engagements

Brain Building
Learn how to optimise and improve your brain and mind

The Pet Prescription
Learn how dogs change our life and health for the better

Music and the Brain
Learn how your brain and mind react to music and how music can serve as a mind altering therapy

Brain Sex
Learn about the real differences between the male and female brain.

Stress and Burnout
Learn how to tackle your behavior and protect the brain during a life crisis

Brain Aging or Anti-Aging
Learn how to control the biochemical clock and aging processes in order to stay fit and resilient

 Brain Disorders
Learn how to prevent or postpone dementia, stroke and other lifestyle-related brain diseases.

 Diseases of the Mind
Learn how to tackle mental conditions like depression and anxiety or how to cope with psychosis, OCD, schizophrenia, and bipolar disease.

My lectures, talks and seminars are always tailor-made to my audience, whether you are a private or public institution, company, or an association. After these well thought-out and inspiring presentations, the audience get to ask questions.

The talks are highly suitable if you need input for staff, management, collaborators, health care divisions, parent groups, schools, athletes, teachers, educators, educational institutions, care takers, or others.

My lectures and seminars are most suitable when , burnout or loss of momentum, or when you need to motivate or re-motivate a group.

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All talks are adapted and shaped to their target audience as they are dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals, companies and/or organisations. The tools and method used are based on neurocience as modern research is revealing a vast amount of novel and exciting information.

Below you will find more information on the currently most popular talks:

Brain Building –  optimise and improve your brain and mind
Just as we can improve the body with training, so we can do with the brain. With one simple program, you can improve your brain capacity and your performances, allowing you to optimise your brain for faster learning, more memory, better concentration, stronger performance, renewed creativity, resourcefulness, and better problem-solving abilities. The lecture reveals how your brain capacity is changed by your diet, sleep, reading and exercise habits, daily chores, and last but not least, the people you associate with.

Brain Sex: Female, Male or Mixed Brains
The brain is not a unisex organ, as men and women hold two very different brains and therefore our minds and emotions are very different. The gender is determined in the brain and the brain controls the gender. So, behaviour and priorities are very different in men and women. This talk reveals the most fascinating brain differences between men and women, which are a powerful tool for a positive change and mutual understanding.

From the boardroom to the bedroom, knowledge on your own and other peoples’ brain gender is a major key to a transformed and improved life, both on a personal and professional level.

Brain Aging or Anti-Aging
Do you want to age gracefully – or just grow old?

Our biological age is determined in and by the brain, and the brain is key to aging gracefully and maintaining mental aptitude, talent and memory throughout life. Learn why you need to challenge the brain every day, and how much this can make you stay biologically (functionally) young. Also, learn how you can slow down your brain’s biological aging processes, no matter how long you have lived.

The Musical Brain
Learn how music alters and enhances our brain and mind. Learn why music is vital and a necessity for the development of language and behaviour. You’ll also hear about music’s effect on children, the elderly, athletes and patients with chronic pain, anxiety, dementia, depression, sleep problems, and heart conditions. After this lecture, you’ll know why music is a short and easy way to better health, improved moods, less stress and better brain capacity.

Pets on Prescription
A dog makes us smile, but did you know that dogs also improve our health and increase survival?

For many of us, owning a dog or cat fills our lives with affection and companionship, but living with a pet leads to proven health effects on the brain, body and mind. A dog can serve as a medical therapy in line with traditional pharmaceutical treatments. Come and hear how dogs can alleviate diseases of the brain, mind, heart and immune system, and when dogs work better than pills. The range of diseases that are proven to be lessened by a dog involves: Dementia, depression, pain conditions, anxiety, schizophrenia, allergies, asthma, dermatitis, heart attack, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, PTSD, and not least: certain malignant cancers.

"Der skal lyde en stor tak til Milena for et forrygende foredrag. Milena (Penkowa) holdt foredrag for foreningens medlemmer om hvordan man kan optimere sin hjerne. Deltagerantallet var rekordstort, og der var meget stor tilfredshed med foredraget"
Dansk Selskab for Psykisk Forskning

"Milena Penkowa er en utrolig dygtig foredragsholder. Hun har holdt foredrag både om hjernens mysterier samt om drømme og søvn i vores forening, og begge gange var det en stor succes. Hun taler et klart og tydeligt sprog og giver altid dybtgående svar på alle spørgsmål fra salen. Dr. Penkowa holder en fanget fra start til slut, og hun er ikke bange for at øse af sin store viden. Inden foredraget om ”Hjernens mysterier” bad vi hende om at komme ind på en meget omtalt sag om en nær-døds oplevelse en patient havde haft under en større operation i USA, og selv om dette ikke ligefrem er hendes speciale, havde hun undersøgt tilfældet til bunds og kunne derfor komme med en indgående redegørelse. Vores medlemmer har således været meget tilfredse med hendes foredrag. Vi har ikke på nogen måde kunne genkende det billede, som medierne har tegnet af hende".
Formanden for Selskabet for Psykisk Forskning

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