Second opinion

Are you lost in the healthcare system?
Do you need immediate help?
Do you require personalized counselling?

I provide personalized, comprehensive, professional support that helps you through the healthcare system. This is a service offered for all types of patients, relatives and families – from young to old.

  • I will help you through illness, recovery, and functional rehabilitation.
  • I will advise you on appeal and insurance cases.
  • I will also help relatives of patients – e.g. families with hereditary diseases, parents of children with learning disabilities and behavioural or emotional problems.

For most people, the healthcare system is a jungle difficult to navigate in. This is why more and more patients and their families turn to me for help.

For me the following features are important:

  • I will not stop until your problem is solved.
  • I interact with and utilize an international network of experts.
  • I will ensure you understand your diagnosis and the therapeutic options.
  • I will help you navigate all parts of the healthcare service.
  • I will guide you through the insurance aspects and help you get a compensation if you have been misdiagnosed, medically mistreated, neglected or have suffered medical errors.