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Are you suffering from a sensitive gut?

If everything you eat seams to disagree with you, -you’re not alone. Currently there’s a virtual epidemic of digestive problems that cause symptoms like:

  • Excess gas (accompanied by belching and flatulence)
  • Bloating in the abdominal area
  • Severe pain and cramps in the stomach
  • Constipation and/or diarrhea  (alternating between the two)
  • Heartburn or acidity
  • Nausea
  • Wheezing

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Trigger Your Vigor

dog healthAny dog owner knows how Fido brings joy and friendship, but not all owners are aware of the physical and psychological health benefits that accompany the pleasure of snuggling up to your furry friend. We not only share our lives with a pet, we are actually being accompanied by a canine coach and therapist.

Hence, the American Heart Association has declared how the ownership of a dog leads to reduced heart disease and lower blood pressure, while longevity and survival are improved.

This is based upon numerous scientific studies that meticulously have explored the health benefits of the human-dog bond.

In fact, when people suffering hypertension adopt a dog, their blood pressure declines significantly within a few months – without the need of medications. Continue reading

Get a dog, lose weight

DSC_0022Owning a dog or simply walking someone else’s dog can make you lose weight. Several scientific studies link canine company to weight loss, and among these a one year-long study showed how walking your dog leads to a significant weight loss, without changing diets.

As explained in the book Dogs & Human Health, research shows that a dog provides support in similar ways to a human friend, except that the dog does so with much greater consistency and dedication, and there’s more: the dog does it without any negative influence. Continue reading

From wolf to woof

Snubbi-fasanThe process of domestication has turned wild wolves into modern-day pet dogs of various distinct breeds. As soon as the first, wild proto-dogs learned not to bite the hand that fed them, miniature pets like the Chihuahua or Shih Tzu weren’t far behind.

However, if you are the happy owner of a purebred pooch, you are (just like the rest of us) likely to imagine how your particular dog may have an ancient origin, or should I say, how your particular pet used to be the hunting companion to the Aztec kings, guard dog of the Egyptian pharaohs, the war dog of the Roman empire, lap dog of the Russian Tsar family or the sacred pet of Alexander the Great. Continue reading

Ebola Dogs

Face it! We’re facing huge global threats because of highly contagious microorganisms such as the Ebola virus that causes severe, often fatal disease in humans.
The mortality is around 50%, but reports have mentioned fatality rates of up to 90% in the past Ebola outbreaks.
Add to this that we have no licensed vaccines or cure yet. Though there are two potential vaccines that undergo clinical evaluation at the time being. Continue reading