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A Whine in Time

foto til blog_10Do you know how to meet and greet your pet dog in the very best way?

How do you react when you return home and your dog is happy to see you? Most dog owners do the obvious and natural thing, as they meet and greet their pet in a happy reunion, -one of life’s most joyous moments full of unconditional love and tail wagging.

Yet, some of our time’s most famous dog trainers will tell you to ignore the dog for the first 5-10 minutes after you return home, as -so it is said- this will teach the dog who’s the boss (as if he didn’t know, you are the one to open doors, serve food, arrange walks, drive the car, etc). In its most extreme form, the so-called ‘advice’ for dog owners states: “No talk, No touch, No eye contact”. Continue reading

Hormonally yours

11666045_380929875438042_5400014178970566362_nNobody will listen as patiently and attentively as your dog, no matter how long you pour your heart out.

Your dog is more likely to be a careful listener than any human being, who would often barge in or begin talking about him- or herself.

In fact, dogs are true experts when it comes to reading, sensing, and interpreting humans, be it by our  behavior, body language or emotional reactions, to which dogs respond in several manners by means of their behavior, body language and/or emotional reactions. In other words, dogs match and mimick us like nobody else. Continue reading